Self Defense Techniques

Learn to Defend Yourself

When Is It Okay To Fight?

What do you think about violence? Is it the first line of defense, or a last choice after diplomacy has failed? Obviously, if you are being physically battered, becoming violent is highly necessary to your well being, after all, it can be awfully hard to talk your way out of a fight that is all […]

Groin Stike

  No single move is guaranteed to end a fight. Sometimes the move isn’t executed properly and sometimes, due to drugs or something else, your attackers threshold for pain is higher than normal. That being said there is one way that will usually end a fight when dealing with a man. It’s a self defense […]

Side Arm Chop

  Here is really effective attack to use against an opponent after you have countered their attack. But first, run your finger down the outside of your arm, start at the elbow and go down to the pinkie finger. What do you feel? You might be thinking you feel a bone, what you are actually […]

Head-Butt. Attacking Your Opponent

  Okay we've talked about how to stop an attack long enough to start your own, so let's talk about how to beat the crap out of the guy trying to hurt you! We'll start with a head-butt.  The head-butt can be a very effective move in self defense. It’s quick and easy to preform. […]

Jab. Another Way To Stop An Attack

  Here is a move you’re most likely familiar with, but it’s how you use it that we are going to focus on here. In case your not familiar with it, the jab is just a simple punch. It’s usually preformed with the hand closest to your opponent. It doesn’t have a lot of force […]

Front Kick. Stopping You Opponents Attack

  Okay this first technique is easy. Ever kick a ball? Same thing here. Nothing fancy. Your not even really trying to do any damage to your opponent. I know that sounds weird but stay with me. You have probably heard the saying “The best defense is a good offense” sure it might be cliche […]

Best Self Defense Techniques

If you have been reading any of my posts here then you probably already know what I consider to be the best self defense techniques. In my opinion the moves which are basic, brutal and most effective are quite simply the best.  Anything fancy or complex won’t do you much good in a real fight. […]

Fight Fair? Why?

“If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.” -John Steinbeck Ever hear that quote before? It's one that I believe whole heartedly. It's also the reason I take issue with most "self defense"/martial arts programs. You see if you take a traditional martial arts course you're going to be taught how to fight […]

Krav Maga Online

Hey guys found an awsome video demonstrating Krav Maga! You can see them practice with bare hand and multiple weapons. One reason I love Krav Maga is that it's realistic. This isn't competition fighting, it's how to survive in a REAL fight!  If you like what you see then check out this Krav Maga training! […]

What Is The Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

I know, I know, You want to know what is the best martial art for self defense right? You expect me to say karate, krav maga or some other martial art and then tell you why that is the very best! Unfortunately it’s not that simple. There are several things to take into consideration when choosing the best […]

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