Self Defense Techniques

Learn to Defend Yourself

Developing Situational Awareness Exercises

Developing Situational Awareness Exercises Regardless of who you are or who you are, men or women, it pays to be conscious of your surroundings, particularly if your in dangerous or isolated areas. This is a critical part of self defense. Human beings are naturally skilled at noticing indicators that something isn't right. Nonetheless, because of […]

Krav Maga Online Course

Are you intrested in learning Krav Maga? Well unfortunetly there are very few good places to learn it. Chances are there isn't a dojo near you that teaches Krav Maga. Instead check out this online course.   "Did you know there is a great benefit to visualizing your self-defense moves and techniques?   Studies have […]

Awesome Baton!

Just stumbled across this and wanted to share. It's a baton Keychain! Yep a 12 inch collapsible baton that goes right on your keys! Check it out! And just because I all ways read them… Here are some customer reviews for it on Amazon. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful 4.0 out […]

Where to Hit Your Attacker

Other than the eye gouge, created  by Larry, Curly and Moe, the throat, the nose as well as the vicinity under the nose are just about the most vulnerable zones on the noggin which make them the perfect places for striking points in terms of self-defense. We generally advise, particularly for females, that they carry […]

5 Self Defense Techniques For Women

Self Defense Techniques For Women So you want to learn some basic self defense techniques for women? Wondering where to start? Well here are a few ways you can defend yourself. They are easy to do and fairly straight forward. Honestly just about anyone can do them. Remember self defense is mostly an issue of knowledge and confidence. If […]

Self Defense Practice Game

Here is a very basic silent drill to help you recognize the body language of a potential attacker. No words are spoken at all. It may be basic but it will get you used to going off of the other guys body language only, so you can either execute a first strike or at least be prepared […]

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