Self Defense Techniques

Learn to Defend Yourself

Krav Maga Techniques

Okay I know when you're looking for the best martial art Krav Maga has to be considered at least once. Sure it's not a true martial art since it isn't steeped in tradition. And yes, it can be a complete pain to try to find a decent dojo that teaches Krav Maga techniques, but it's […]

Hapkido Demonstration

For anyone intrested in learning Hapkido here is a youtube video demonstrating some of the moves. Check it out and let me know what you think! Personally, I do like Hapkido, I studied it briefly about 10 years ago. Unfortunately the dojo I was attending went out of buisness. But I had a great time […]

Improvised Weapons For Self Defense At School

You’re taking night classes at the local Community College, class just let out and you stay behind for a minuet to ask the professor a question. As the two of you walk out of the class room you catch a glimpse of another student, who had been kicked out for constantly causing trouble, rush the […]

Improvised Weapons In A Parking Lot

Imagine this, your just leaving a bar after a few drinks with your friends. Your standing in the parking lot waiting for your cab to pick you up (because drinking and driving is just plain stupid) when a man approaches you. He asks to bum a cigarette, but while you’re busy reaching for the pack […]

Improvised Self Defense Weapons In Your Home. What Can You Use to Defend Yourself?

  You’re sitting on your couch relaxing after a hard day at work. You’re half asleep so you don’t notice the sounds of someone moving around at your back door. What you do notice is when your door gets kicked in and a man in a ski mask jumps in. Unfortunately your gun is locked […]

Improvised Weapons For Self Defense

An attack could happen any time, any where. And unfortunately trying to be constantly prepared and on guard can be not only exhausting, but also stressful. Plus, Murphy’s Law suggests that the one time your going to get attacked will be when you’re not prepared for it. So the real trick to being prepared all […]

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum and How it Applies to You

Si vis pacem para bellum. Do you know what that means? Do you understand the vast importance of that statement and how it can apply to you? “Si vis pacem para bellum” is a Latin phrase that translates to “If you want peace prepare for war.” I know, sounds a bit backwards right? Especially in […]

Using Pepper Spray

  Imagine this scenario, you are walking home from work late at night and you get the feeling some one is following you. You use the reflection in a store window to sneak a peak behind you and you do notice a man about 15 feet back. It could be coincidence, but you can’t shake […]

Pepper Spray for Self Defense

  Pepper spray (or mace) is an excellent self defense technique used primarily by women. It is not very expensive but it is easy to use and handle. If you have ever been exposed to it then you know exactly how effective it can be. If not then ask a police officer how effective it […]

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