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5 Self Defense Techniques For Women

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Self Defense Techniques For Women

So you want to learn some basic self defense techniques for women? Wondering where to start? Well here are a few ways you can defend yourself. They are easy to do and fairly straight forward. Honestly just about anyone can do them. Remember self defense is mostly an issue of knowledge and confidence. If you practice these attacks carefully, multiple times, you will be comfortable with them before any threats come your way. 

1. Run Away!

The best form of self defense is to avoid conflict in the first place. Try to talk your way out of physical confrontations if you can or simply run away. If it is a mugger throw your valuables on the ground and run. Screaming for help might help scare away the attacker. But if you can’t get away then immediately attack with one of these other self defense techniques for women.

2. Groin strike

It may seem obvious, but a swift kick to the crotch can often take down a man and give you a chance to escape. A groin strike is the best way for a woman to defend herself from an attacker. Just kick your male attacker in the groin as quickly as you can. The kick does not have to be with all your strength, even an average kick can take a man down. If he is holding you from the front, use your knee. If you are on the ground and he is standing over you punch him there. If he is holding you from behind simply move to one side then kick your heel upwards or chop your hand backwards.

3. Go for the Eyes!

The eyes are a very sensitive part of any person. No matter how big an attacker is, gouging the eyes will probably force him/her to let go of you. Simply straighten your fingers and jab them directly into one or both eyes of your attacker. If you are being pinned down and can’t use your hands try spitting in his eye. This will usually cause your attacker to jerk back as a reflex so you can hopefully free one or both of your hands. However it won’t do any serious damage so be sure to use this opportunity to either run or employ another technique.  

4. Break his foot

Stomping down on your attacker's toes can also be a very effective self defense technique for women. Simply use your heel to stomp on your attackers foot as hard as you can. Treat it as if you are trying to flatten a coke can. If done right you might very well be able to break some of the bones in his foot. This is a great way to get free from someone holding you from behind. 

5. Kick them in the shin

On the lower leg the tibia bone comes to a narrow edge in the front. Having all the energy of a solid kick focused into such a small area can have a wonderful affect. This technique is best preformed with the side of your foot, the same way you would kick a soccer ball, that way you have the best chance of connecting and not breaking your own toes in the process.

These might not be the fanciest methods but they do work. And it's something you should rehears often so that when you need them, you're prepared with these self defense techniques for women. 

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