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Walking Cane Stun Gun- Zap Cane

  I’ve got something here for any of you who happened to walk with a limp. It is called the Zap Cane, and it is a walking cane stun gun! So imagine this, you’re walking home late at night and you have to cut through a dark alley.  It is too dark for you to […]

Cell Phone Stun Gun- Yep A Stun Gun That’s A Cell Phone!

  If you want the personal protection of a stun gun, but don’t want to carry around an obvious weapon, then this one is for you. I have found that an awesome cell phone stun gun that you can buy right on Amazon.  It is called the Guard Dog iStun cell phone stun gun, and […]

Best Stun Gun

Are you looking for the best stun gun to protect yourself with?  Then you definitely want to check out this one. Guard Dog Security 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight with Stun Gun. This baby has it all, it's a 4.5 million volt stun gun artfully hidden on the end of a very powerful flashlight.  I like this combination […]

Best Collapsible Baton- What is the Best Collapsible Baton?

  If you are looking for a great collapsible baton, then look no further. I’m about to tell you what I consider to be the best collapsible baton on the market today. This is, of course, just my opinion, but when you see all the advantages of this baton, I think you’ll agree that it’s […]

Collapsible Baton Techniques And Tips

Collapsible Baton Techniques When using a collapsible baton there are a few things you should remember. These tips and techniques will go along way in helping you use this self defense weapon properly. But first let’s look at some of the basics. Opening your baton is a simple matter of swinging your arm and making […]

Stun Guns For Self Defense| How To Use Them And Where To Buy Them

Stun Gun For Self Defense Using a stun gun for self defense is fairly straight forward. You touch the metal prongs to your opponent, which sends hundreds of thousands of volts into his body. This can not only cause severe pain to your attacker, but will also cause him to lose control of his muscle […]

Using Pepper Spray

  Imagine this scenario, you are walking home from work late at night and you get the feeling some one is following you. You use the reflection in a store window to sneak a peak behind you and you do notice a man about 15 feet back. It could be coincidence, but you can’t shake […]