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Collapsible Baton Techniques And Tips

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Collapsible Baton Techniques

When using a collapsible baton there are a few things you should remember. These tips and techniques will go along way in helping you use this self defense weapon properly. But first let’s look at some of the basics. Opening your baton is a simple matter of swinging your arm and making a quick whip motion with your wrist, to close it just tap the striking end against a hard surface such as pavement. (Sorry to have to include that but you never know…)

Okay first thing to discuss is where to carry your baton. It needs to be somewhere easily accessible, but also concealable. If you are going to keep it on your belt for instance, you want to make sure that you can cover it with your shirt or jacket. This is obviously the easiest place for you to retrieve it from, but can be difficult to hide it thoroughly. On the other hand keeping it inside a pocket could do a better job at hiding it, but make it harder to get to. Finding the perfect place to keep it is the first step to being able to use it in an emergency situation without letting any attackers know that you have it. After all, if they know it’s there, then they are going to be more prepared to deal with you. Better to have the element of surprise.

Next let’s look at the areas you should target. Sure this might not be an actual collapsible baton technique, but it is important non the less. It’s not a cave mans club meant for you to swing wildly. The only way that you are likely to have any success with that tactic is if you hit them in the head, then you just elevated the attack to being lethal and opened yourself up for legal repercussions. 

Instead target areas like the side of the thigh, hamstrings or buttox. These large muscles can take the hit without suffering from any serious damage, but the pain inflicted can be tremendous. If you go for most other areas such as: Head, kidneys, groin, elbows/knees or collar bone, then you are using “Lethal Force” in the eyes of the law. Which means you could be arrested for murder or attempted murder if you can’t prove that the attacker was trying to kill you.

And finally the real technique behind using a collapsible baton. Here is the secret, the power is in your wrist. The same whipping motion you use to open the baton is the same motion you should use at the end of your swing to hit your attacker. This simple technique can take even a weak swing and turn it into a powerful hit! 

Now sure there are plenty of official “Collapsible Baton Techniques” out there that you can find. Many of them on YouTube. But being able to preform some fancy moves aren’t going to do you any good if you don’t have the basics down. If you can’t get to your weapon when facing a mugger than all the training in the world is useless to you right? And going to jail because you crippled some unarmed moron who tried to jump you doesn’t seem like much fun to me.. So try to keep these basics in mind while you learn some Collapsible Baton Techniques! And if you need a place to buy a baton I recommend Amazon


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