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Developing Situational Awareness Exercises

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Developing Situational Awareness Exercises

Regardless of who you are or who you are, men or women, it pays to be conscious of your surroundings, particularly if your in dangerous or isolated areas. This is a critical part of self defense. Human beings are naturally skilled at noticing indicators that something isn't right. Nonetheless, because of social conventions we usually disregard these signals. If you think like something isn't right, it most likely isn't. Trust and hone your instincts. Here are a few quick exercises to help you do just that.

1) Observe stuff in a familiar place. Concentrate on imprinting the room and its contents on your mind. Then get someone to take away an item when you are out of the room. Are you able to notice what is missing?

2) Each person you see, pick an element that sets them apart from the other people. It may be modest for instance a guy who keeps his mobile phone on his left hip, or it might be more prominent such as a woman whose t-shirt is inside out, or perhaps it is significant for example some guy wringing his hands talking to himself angrily. Try this exercise when grocery shopping, taking walks down the street, or whenever. It really can help train you to be aware of other people, even if your not trying to play the game you will find yourself more conscious of others and unconsciously note odd behavior or stuff which are out of place.

3) Get used to relying on your other senses besides visual. Find yourself a bench in a mall or park and just sit with your eyes closed. Try to picture what is going on around you based on what your hearing. Also try to identify the different smells in the air. Train your mind to pay attention to these details instead of just what your eyes see.

4) My final tip is to get used to low light. It might be cliche but a lot of attacks do happen in dark alleys, parking lots, or stairways. Getting used to operating in low light can greatly help your self defense in these situations. Go for a walk at night in a safe area that happens to not have street lights. Or better yet, get your sparring partner to train with you in a dim room occasionally, this way your used to fighting in these conditions. Although if you have very poor night vision I suggest you save your sparring until you get used to just moving around in the near dark. 

Try these out and see if it doesn't make you more alert of your surrounding and any potentially hazardes situations!


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