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Fight Fair? Why?

Posted on | April 23, 2013 | No Comments

“If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.”

-John Steinbeck

Ever hear that quote before? It's one that I believe whole heartedly. It's also the reason I take issue with most "self defense"/martial arts programs. You see if you take a traditional martial arts course you're going to be taught how to fight within the rules of that art. Your going to be taught the "safe" strike zones where you can hit your opponent without causing serious damage to them, because that's the way you have to fight when sparring or in competition. But if you ever find yourself in a real fight and you try to fight that way you might be in trouble. Because as your punching your attacker in the ribs he's kicking you in the crotch, or scratching at your eyes. 

I remember when I first joined the army. Shortly after arriving on base I got into an argument with a more experienced private. He challenged me to a fight (how we solved arguments in that battalion) and we found a Sergeant to referee. The fight was a grappling match, and I managed to pin my opponent in a matter of seconds. As I'm getting my hands into position for a collar choke I find his thumb digging into my wind pipe. The course of the fight immediately changed to his favor and I lost. Of course, I cried fowl to the Sergeant, after all in boot camp such tactics would never be excepted,  but he simply laughed me off and informed me that the only "rule" was to win. He was just there to ensure that neither of us were seriously hurt.

Talk about a paradigm shift! It was no longer about being stronger, faster or more skilled than your opponent. It was about being more vicious! Plus, it changed the mentality of the fight. When your used to fighting in a manner that doesn't allow you to get hurt you change your style. You don't worry about defense quite as much because, after all, the other guy won't hurt you. And you don't attack as hard because you don't want to hurt the other guy. The danger is all perceived not real. But, if you train with a menatality of kill or be killed, you learn to survive the fight no matter what.

Sure I might be preaching a little here, but the truth is that learning to fight fair is dangerous. Playing by the rules will get you killed when the rules are taken away. Obviously you can't really train with dirty tactics very well, but you should be familiar with them and be able to execute them if you have to. That's why I'm doing a few posts on various dirty street fighting techniques. You can start with the intro right here: Best Self Defense Techniques


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