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Imperfect Self Defense And How It Could Apply To You

Posted on | May 14, 2013 | No Comments

Imperfect self defense refers to a situation where a person defending him or herself uses lethal force when the “Law” says it is unwarranted but the person felt it was necessary. Imperfect self defense will not fully excuse the crime in court, but it can greatly lessen the sentencing. 

So picture this: You’re walking down the sidewalk and you pass a bar, you glance over and look at the few people hanging out on the front porch, then you continue walking. Suddenly you hear running foot steps behind you and you turn just in time to get knocked to the ground by a sucker punch. You’re dazed from the hit but you see a 300 pound drunk redneck standing over you, ranting about how you “Checked out my girl friend.” You try to get up but he keeps knocking you back to the ground. He starts babbling about how he should kill you for looking at her and if you try to get up one more time he will kill you. You’re terrified and still a bit out of it from the blow to the head, so when he starts talking about killing you, you panic and pull out your concealed fire arm. You fire off only one round but it’s a lucky shot and takes your attacker down.
Now you’re facing a murder charge because the attacker was unarmed and the only witnesses were his friends who won’t admit to hearing the threats against your life. This is where your lawyer might pursue imperfect self defense. Pretty much having you say, “Yes, I killed him, but I thought it was justified.” You wouldn’t walk away free, you would do some jail time but it would be dropped from 1st or 2nd degree murder to something more along the lines of “involuntary man slaughter”.

Of course, not all jurisdictions adhere to the Imperfect Self Defense, so it might very well not do you any good if this example were real. But it does exist in some areas to help protect people who were only trying to stay alive in a bad situation. Personally, I favor it because sometimes, self defense and the law don’t mesh. This at least gives some middle ground. So as far as self defense laws go, I guess you could say I’m a fan of the Imperfect Self Defense.


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