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Jiu Jitsu Techniques and Grapplearts Review

Posted on | June 28, 2013 | No Comments

Jiu Jitsu Techniques

This is going to be a two parter, we’ll discuss Jiu Jitsu techniques as well as reviewing First we’ll take a quick look at some Jiu Jitsu Techniques. Here is a video from Stephan Kesting, the creator of grapplearts. It’s showing the difference between two different techniques, but it should give you a fairly good idea of what Jiu Jitsu training is like.


Okay, so that’s a sample of what Jiu Jitsu training can look like, but is it worth your time to learn?

Pros of Jiu Jitsu.

There is a general belief that the majority of fights end up on the ground. Some statistics claim as high as 95%. In fact, it’s such a widely held belief, that when I was in the Army, Jiu Jitsu based grappling was the primary form of unarmed combat that we were taught. These techniques were fairly basic, but I found them to be effective, assuming of course, that both combatants were on the ground. Even if the fight doesn’t naturally go to the ground, if you have a good base of Jiu Jitsu techniques, you can attempt to take  your opponent to the ground where you have an advantage.

Cons of Jiu Jitsu.

The issue I have with Jiu Jitsu is simple. Criminals are cowards. They usually won’t attack you one on one. Now, attempting to fight multiple opponents is a horrible idea period. If possible you should attempt to get away in situations where you are being attacked by multiple people. However, if you are cornered, or for some other reason unable to get away, then only being familiar with Jiu Jitsu techniques is going to be a bit of a handicap. After all, while you are on the ground wrestling with one person, the others are going to be busy beating the crap out of you.

Pros of

Stephan Kestings Grapplearts is a great way to learn Jiu Jitsu techniques. Their 5 dvd set covers a variety of techniques and helps you decide on which ones you should use based on your own condition. For instance if you have short legs, which stance is best for you? Or if you don’t have much upper body streangth, what do you do when you have a large opponent pinning you down and you can’t just force your way out? It’s nice because it can have a feel of being personalized for everyone. Although they do focus on having to fight larger stronger opponents.

Cons of

As with all online or dvd training, there is one obvious drawback. You don’t have a live person there watching you and correcting your mistakes. You could be doing something wrong and not even realize it. However, as you can see in the video above, Stephan Kesting does a good job of breaking down all the moves and explaining them bit by bit. 
The other con is the same as I mentioned with Jiu Jitsu techniques. It’s all grappling. Which means you can only deal with one person at a time.

So all in all the Jiu Jitsu techniques that you can learn at can be very handy, but it is not the ultimate fighting style. It’s a great way to deal with a larger/stronger opponent, but not multiple ones. Again, the best defense when dealing with multiple people is to run. But if that is not a viable option you should have some basic knowledge of other fighting techniques. Check out my review of Target Focus Training for that.


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