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Judo Self Defense Techniques. Seriously Cool Self Defense Techniques.

Posted on | May 22, 2013 | No Comments

Want to learn some Judo self defense techniques? It’s an excellent martial art for self defense, in fact many womens self defense classes teach judo self defense techniques. So what is it? Judo uses body throws or take downs to get an opponent to the ground, then use a joint lock or choke hold to subdue him/her. Watch this video to get a better idea of some of these techniques.

So are these martial arts techniques optimal for self defense? Eh…. In a real street fight, I’d say probably not, just because of the fact that you’re not likely to have only one attacker. Sad to say, but the kind of scum who you need to defend yourself from usually run in packs. Which means you won’t have enough time to choke out one before the others start hitting you in the head. BUT, being able to throw one to the ground would by you a few seconds to deal with another attacker. Or taking one to the ground and using a finishing move like a solid kick to the head instead of a joint lock or choke hold can make this self defense style well worth studying! But I would personally combine it with something that can be more immediately effective like I talk about HERE.

If you are serious about learning how to defend yourself then Judo self defense techniques can be a great place to start!


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