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Jiu Jitsu Techniques and Grapplearts Review

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Jiu Jitsu Techniques

This is going to be a two parter, we’ll discuss Jiu Jitsu techniques as well as reviewing First we’ll take a quick look at some Jiu Jitsu Techniques. Here is a video from Stephan Kesting, the creator of grapplearts. It’s showing the difference between two different techniques, but it should give you a fairly good idea of what Jiu Jitsu training is like.


Okay, so that’s a sample of what Jiu Jitsu training can look like, but is it worth your time to learn?

Pros of Jiu Jitsu.

There is a general belief that the majority of fights end up on the ground. Some statistics claim as high as 95%. In fact, it’s such a widely held belief, that when I was in the Army, Jiu Jitsu based grappling was the primary form of unarmed combat that we were taught. These techniques were fairly basic, but I found them to be effective, assuming of course, that both combatants were on the ground. Even if the fight doesn’t naturally go to the ground, if you have a good base of Jiu Jitsu techniques, you can attempt to take  your opponent to the ground where you have an advantage.

Cons of Jiu Jitsu.

The issue I have with Jiu Jitsu is simple. Criminals are cowards. They usually won’t attack you one on one. Now, attempting to fight multiple opponents is a horrible idea period. If possible you should attempt to get away in situations where you are being attacked by multiple people. However, if you are cornered, or for some other reason unable to get away, then only being familiar with Jiu Jitsu techniques is going to be a bit of a handicap. After all, while you are on the ground wrestling with one person, the others are going to be busy beating the crap out of you.

Pros of

Stephan Kestings Grapplearts is a great way to learn Jiu Jitsu techniques. Their 5 dvd set covers a variety of techniques and helps you decide on which ones you should use based on your own condition. For instance if you have short legs, which stance is best for you? Or if you don’t have much upper body streangth, what do you do when you have a large opponent pinning you down and you can’t just force your way out? It’s nice because it can have a feel of being personalized for everyone. Although they do focus on having to fight larger stronger opponents.

Cons of

As with all online or dvd training, there is one obvious drawback. You don’t have a live person there watching you and correcting your mistakes. You could be doing something wrong and not even realize it. However, as you can see in the video above, Stephan Kesting does a good job of breaking down all the moves and explaining them bit by bit. 
The other con is the same as I mentioned with Jiu Jitsu techniques. It’s all grappling. Which means you can only deal with one person at a time.

So all in all the Jiu Jitsu techniques that you can learn at can be very handy, but it is not the ultimate fighting style. It’s a great way to deal with a larger/stronger opponent, but not multiple ones. Again, the best defense when dealing with multiple people is to run. But if that is not a viable option you should have some basic knowledge of other fighting techniques. Check out my review of Target Focus Training for that.

Collapsible Baton Techniques And Tips

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Collapsible Baton Techniques

When using a collapsible baton there are a few things you should remember. These tips and techniques will go along way in helping you use this self defense weapon properly. But first let’s look at some of the basics. Opening your baton is a simple matter of swinging your arm and making a quick whip motion with your wrist, to close it just tap the striking end against a hard surface such as pavement. (Sorry to have to include that but you never know…)

Okay first thing to discuss is where to carry your baton. It needs to be somewhere easily accessible, but also concealable. If you are going to keep it on your belt for instance, you want to make sure that you can cover it with your shirt or jacket. This is obviously the easiest place for you to retrieve it from, but can be difficult to hide it thoroughly. On the other hand keeping it inside a pocket could do a better job at hiding it, but make it harder to get to. Finding the perfect place to keep it is the first step to being able to use it in an emergency situation without letting any attackers know that you have it. After all, if they know it’s there, then they are going to be more prepared to deal with you. Better to have the element of surprise.

Next let’s look at the areas you should target. Sure this might not be an actual collapsible baton technique, but it is important non the less. It’s not a cave mans club meant for you to swing wildly. The only way that you are likely to have any success with that tactic is if you hit them in the head, then you just elevated the attack to being lethal and opened yourself up for legal repercussions. 

Instead target areas like the side of the thigh, hamstrings or buttox. These large muscles can take the hit without suffering from any serious damage, but the pain inflicted can be tremendous. If you go for most other areas such as: Head, kidneys, groin, elbows/knees or collar bone, then you are using “Lethal Force” in the eyes of the law. Which means you could be arrested for murder or attempted murder if you can’t prove that the attacker was trying to kill you.

And finally the real technique behind using a collapsible baton. Here is the secret, the power is in your wrist. The same whipping motion you use to open the baton is the same motion you should use at the end of your swing to hit your attacker. This simple technique can take even a weak swing and turn it into a powerful hit! 

Now sure there are plenty of official “Collapsible Baton Techniques” out there that you can find. Many of them on YouTube. But being able to preform some fancy moves aren’t going to do you any good if you don’t have the basics down. If you can’t get to your weapon when facing a mugger than all the training in the world is useless to you right? And going to jail because you crippled some unarmed moron who tried to jump you doesn’t seem like much fun to me.. So try to keep these basics in mind while you learn some Collapsible Baton Techniques! And if you need a place to buy a baton I recommend Amazon


Until Next Time,
Be Prepared. Be Safe.

Stun Guns For Self Defense| How To Use Them And Where To Buy Them

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Stun Gun For Self Defense

Using a stun gun for self defense is fairly straight forward. You touch the metal prongs to your opponent, which sends hundreds of thousands of volts into his body. This can not only cause severe pain to your attacker, but will also cause him to lose control of his muscle movements. So, even if the pain inflicted doesn’t take the fight out of him, the inability to move will prevent him from continuing the attack. It’s a handy device for self defense.

The pros of using a stun gun for self defense.

This should be obvious. As I stated above, one good zap should be a fight ender in most situations. Sure, some people are not as effected as you would expect, but getting hit by that much electricity can really take the fighting spirit out of most people. Plus, because it leaves them immobilized for a few minutes, you have plenty of time to escape and get to a safe location to call the police.

The cons of using a stun gun for self defense.

Okay, a few things I don’t like about using a stun gun. First of all, in most places the only legal version you can own is what I call the “Up close and personal” version. What I mean is, the kind where you actually have to touch the unit to the person to zap them. Unlike what the police use which shoots out wires to hit them from a safe distance. I don’t like that because if you are close enough to use it, you are close enough to get hit or stabbed. This leads right up to the other thing I consider a con for using a stun gun, if you are touching (or being touched) by the attacker while using a Stun Gun there is a good chance that you are going to get zapped as well. 

If you want to practice using one, I would suggest getting a partner and a small box (or anything roughly the same size as your stun gun) and try “zapping” him with the substitute. That way you can get a feel for using one and trying to not touch your opponent at the same time.

Over all, a stun gun is a great tool for defending yourself, but it can also get you hurt if you don’t use it properly. If you want to buy a stun gun for self defense, I suggest  Amazon.

Target Focus Training Review- Target Focus Training by Tim Larkin

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Target Focus Training

Target Focus Training
Target Focus Training is no joke, but neither is self defense. This system is a no holds barred, defeat your attacker no matter what, style of fighting. Read this complete Target Focus Training review and find out if ths product would help you better defend yourself, and your loved ones.

Target Focus Training Review

Who is Tim Larkin?

Tim is a world rewnowned profesisonal self defense trainer who has helped numerous people defend themselves when strangers and bad guuys tried to hurt them. Tim has been featured on many talk shows and programs becuse of his ability to help people with their self defense. With Target Focus Training, he has compiled all of his techniques to build the most easiest product that can help you defend yourself easily and fast.

What is inside of the Target Focus Training DVD?

- Main eBook
This main Target Focus Training eBook can help you to learn about the main asper of self defense. Everything from basic fighting techniques to the most sought after tactics for defending yourself even with just your two bare hands. This is where all the information lies. If you need to know about everything, you can learn everything here. There are special techniques for beating the bad guys out when you are alone in public. Tim has utilized amazing techniques from years and years of studying and has put it all in this main Target Focus Training book.

- Audio and video training
The best part about the Target Focus Training system is that he made a great audio training that gives you his teachings in an audio format. There is a complete set of Target Focus Training videos that is longer than an hour and can be just the training you need to watch to get a better understanding on defending yourself.

Pros of Tim's product

The main pro is that his teachings in Target Focus Training are really powerful. He does not skip from one idea to another. In Target Focus Training he gives techniques that work and work well. You do not need experience to learn everything and use everything to the best of your ability. You do this by learning the areas of the body that you should focus on targeting, hence the name "Target Focus Training".

Cons of Target Focus Training

The main con to Target Focus Training is that the product may not be for some people. Sometimes, getting personal training with a professional trainer upfront is the best thing to do. So it always depends on if you feel as though learning from a book/video series like Target Focus Training is the best option for you. Everyone finds it easier or harder to learn either online or in person with a trainer. Either way, Tim knows what he is teaching about.

Target Focus Training is the number one self defense training program available. Many people have changed their lives by using Target Focus Training. If you need something that will give you the secrets to finally changing your perception on how to protect yourself, you can use this program to help you. Tim gives you great techniques in Target Focus Training that others never learn.


Self Defense Moves For Escaping Wrist Grabs

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Here are some easy self defense moves for men, women, even young girls to use when being grabbed by an attacker. I chose these moves because the are easy enough to be preformed by anyone, but still effective in a real fight. So let’s look at a few different grabs and how to escape them and counter attack!

Being grabbed by the wrist.

Okay, so you’re in an argument when the person suddenly grabs your wrist. Maybe he’s trying to jerk you around, maybe he’s trying to hold you still long enough to hit you. Either way, he (or she) just committed battery against you, which gives you the right to defend yourself. And the truth is that you should be using self defense in this situation. If someone grabs ahold of you, you should always consider that the beginning of an attack. So here is how you deal with it.

First, always assume you’re being held in place to be punched. With this assumption, the first thing you need to do is to stop the hit, not break the hold. The best way to do this? Get a hit in first! A quick jab to the shoulder can interrupt your opponents punch and it sets you up for a chop to the wrist of the hand that’s holding you! Nice, huh? Of course, you could also substitute the jab to the shoulder with a palm strike to the chin or nose to inflict more damage! 

Being cross grabbed by the wrist 

This one can be a bit trickier. This would be if the person is reaching between your bodies to grab your wrist on the opposite side. For example, he uses his right hand to grab your right wrist. The reason this is harder is simply because you can’t throw the jab into his shoulder to stop a punch. Both your and his arms are in the way for one thing, plus you would have to punch at an angle instead of straight across. Which can be tricky, given the fact that the shoulder of his punching arm will be slanted away from you. A quick strike to the face can still be possible, followed of course by the chop to his wrist, but there is another move you might want to use as well.
When he grabs your wrist you are going to bend and rotate your arm at the elbow. First bring it toward your stomach, then rotate it up so that your hand is facing straight up at the sky. This in and of itself won’t break his grip on you, but the sudden reaction can delay his attack, plus it sets you up for what comes next. Now if you are picturing this in your head (or practicing with a partner) then you should realize that his arm is stretched out in front of you at chest level. All you need to do is hit his elbow with a palm strike. This will definitely break his grip, and potentially damage his arm. And in my mind, getting out of a pin and doing damage to your attacker is a GREAT self defense move!

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Until next time,
Be Prepared. Be Safe.

Self Defense Techniques For Women| Bear Hugs

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Self Defense techniques for women bear hug

Okay ladies, let’s look at some self defense techniques that can help you get out of a very common attack, the bear hug. The bear hug is usually used by an attacker who is larger and stronger than the victim, which is why it is often used by men who are attacking women. It can be a vicious attack, not because of physical pain, but because of the emotional state. You’re being crushed by a vicious man who is significantly larger than you. Between his brute force and superior position, there is no way that you can break free by overpowering him. And since the assailant most likely grabbed you from behind, you can’t even see who it is who grabbed you, leaving you feeling blinded to the situation. It would be easy to give in to the terror of the moment. Especially if you don’t know how to get out of the pin. So, think it would be a good idea to learn how to escape a bear hug? Well, here are a few self defense techniques for women to help you out if you ever find yourself in that position.

The first technique is when your arms are pinned by the attackers arms. Believe it or not, you have a huge advantage here! Yes, you read that right, if his arms are wrapped around and pinning your arms, you have an advantage. If you have someone to practice with (a husband, boy friend, brother, or whoever) then I want you to try this. Have them put you into this style bear hug, have them try their best to hold on while you do the easiest thing in the world to get away. All you have to do is lift your arms. Yeah, out to your sides, lift your arms. It also helps if you try to drop to your knees at the same time. Go ahead and try it a few times, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be. Okay, now that you can get out of the bear hug, let’s look at how to press your own attack. Remember how I said it works better if you drop to your knees? Well, that’s not only because it makes it harder for the person to hold on to you, it also puts you in position to throw an elbow to the guy’s groin after you escape. Another good option would be a mule kick to the knee if you don’t drop down. Speaking of kicking, if you kick back into the man’s shin while he still has you in a bear hug there is a good chance of him loosening his grip some, making it easier for you to get away. 

The other situation you might have to deal with is if the attacker has got you under the arms. Yes, your arms are free to reach back and scratch or slap at the guys face, but unless you get lucky and score a blind hit to his eyes, that’s not going to get him to let go. And despite what other people say, throwing your head back into his face isn’t a good idea either; that’s likely to hurt you as much as it does him. A better way to fight back is to use one of your legs to hook one of his (note: only use one so that when he releases you, there is still one foot to land on) this helps immobilize him to some degree so he can’t carry you off. At the same time you should be grabbing his hands, which will be clasped in front of you. Using your thumbs, dig into the underside of his wrist, just below the thumbs. This is a nice weak spot that is likely to get him to let go. Once he does let go you need to, as always, start to attack. I would recommend you to spin around with a backhand to his head, followed up by a few knee strikes to the groin (which is what I consider one of the best self defense techniques for women).

Well, there they are, a few great self defense techniques for women to use to get out of a bear hug. Do you know of any better ones? If so, let me know in the comment section below!

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Until next time,
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Self Defense Techniques For Women| Hair Grab

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Here are some great self defense techniques for women to use if you ever have someone grab you by the hair. I love these techniques because they not only allow you to neutralize the threat of being controlled by your hair being yanked, but they set you up nicely for counter attacks!

All these examples have one thing in common. If you remember nothing else then remember this: The first thing you have to do is reach up and grab the attackers hand and pin it in place. Clamp it down onto your head as hard as you can, so that he can’t jerk your hair and inflict pain. Got it? Good. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Self Defense Techniques For Women: Hair Grab From The Front

Okay, so someone walks right up in front of you and grabs a fist full of your hair. Maybe they are going to hit you,  or maybe they are going to drag you somewhere, or maybe they’re just going to shake you around a bit to make you more complacent. First, reach up and grab the attackers hand, pin it down tight against your head so that he/she can’t yank on the hair. Next bend forward at the waist. This will cause your attacker to bend forward some as well, it helps if you use your free hand to grab his/her forearm and pull it down. Next you’re going to take a few quick steps backward, your attacker (who is going to be off balanced already and not expecting you to back up) should be pulled down to his/her knees if not all the way to the ground. Congratulations, you just went from being in a precarious position to being the one in full control. Now, just follow through with a few knee strikes to the head or shoulders and the fight is likely to be over!

Self Defense Techniques For Women: Hair Grab From The Side

This one is just as simple as the first and works great against male attackers. Just as before you’re going to grab the attackers hand and pin it in place. This time however, instead of bending down low to the ground to throw him/her off balance and backing up, you’re going to instead bend slightly ( around a 45 degree angle) and move toward or with the attacker. Then swing your free arm up into his groin (again works best with men but can be effective against women as well). After the groin strike you can follow up with other moves such as knee strikes or the side arm chop or whatever self defense moves you feel comfortable with!

Self Defense Techniques For Women: Hair Grab From Behind

This one is going to be a bit more tricky. If you are being pulled backwards then you need to focus on your ballance first and pinning down his hand second. It’s a terrifying position to be in but fairly easy to counter. To prevent yourself from being pulled backwards you have to do some “fancy” foot work, just get one foot behind you and spin around. Easy right? Well, now you’re set up to use the technique for a hair grab from the side. Bend down, go for the groin strike and continue to beat the crap out of your opponent until you feel you can get away!

Hopefully this post will be helpful to all the women out there who are looking for advice on defending themselves. These are the best self defense techniques for women that I know of when it comes to having your hair grabbed.

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Until then,
Be Prepared. Be Safe. 

Improvised Weapons Of Self Defense| At The Mall

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Improvised Weapons


You’re at a mall and you’re attacked by some young punk. I know not much of an intro, but if your local mall is anything like mine, it’s highly likely! So let’s take a quick look at some items in a mall you can use as an improvised weapon.

You can use a shirt as an improvised weapon is an excellent way to keep an attacker at bay. You just have to swing it or use it as a whip. No it’s not going to cause serious damage to your opponent, but it can by you some space and they are readably available everywhere in the mall!

Another item you can find hanging in just about any store in the mall is a belt. Again, all you need to do is use it as a whip to strike at your opponent with. However, unlike a shirt, this one can do some damage! Just make sure you’re swinging the end with the buckle!

A shoe.
Okay, the guy in the video here is using a flip flop, but in reality you would want to use a woman’s high heel, preferably a stiletto so you have a nice and long stake to use for maximum damage! Check it out!

Those were a few easy ideas for improvised weapons at a mall, I’m sure you could come up with a few others yourself such as a coat hanger, or even a mannequin arm as a baton! Take a look around your mall and see what you can think of, then let us know in the comment section here!
On a final note, a weapon is only as good as the person using it. If you don’t know any self defense techniques or don’t have any sort of training you might want to check out my review of Target Focus Training. Arm yourself with some basic fighting skills first, then those improvised weapons will be much more useful for your self defense!


Improvised Weapons For Self Defense

Self Defense Techniques For Kids- Escaping a Predator.

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Approximately 58000 children are kidnaped every year. Of course you don’t want yours to be one of those, so you want him or her to learn some simple self defense techniques for kids, right? It doesn’t have to be complicated, you want something for children, not full grown men. Well, obviously enrolling them in a karate class can help them learn some of the basic moves, but it’s important that they understand the difference between defending themselves from a bully and from an adult. Unfortunately, many kids might not realize that, just because they know some basic fighting skills, they are still no match against a pedophile or kidnaper. That doesn’t mean that I’m not all for kids being in self defense classes, but they need to have it explained to them these self defense tips when dealing with adult attackers. The trick for them is to get away, not win a fight.

The first self defense technique that kids should know when dealing with adults is a Jiu-Jitsu move for getting out of bear hugs. As you can see in the video, the kid uses his legs to grip one of the attackers legs and uses his arms to grab the other. This way not only can the attacker not sucesfuly pick up the child, but he can’t walk either.

Another great technique that you want to teach your kids for self defense is how to get away from a person grabbing them by the wrist. As you can see in the video they should drop to the ground and kick out the kidnapers knee. Or if the attacker is pulling him by the wrist to drop down and wrap his legs around the attackers leg to immobilize him.


The final self defense technique for kids that I have for you isn’t exactly fighting, at least not physically. Screaming for help is in and of itself a great self defense technique for kids. Draw plenty of attention to the situation while trying to get away is likely to bring someone to help your kid out!

It is important for you to explain to them that they aren’t likely to win in a violent encounter with an adult so they should use these simple self defense techniques for kids to try to get away. There is a very good chance that it could be the difference between you child coming home or disappearing. 

Be Safe. Be Prepared.


Judo Self Defense Techniques. Seriously Cool Self Defense Techniques.

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Want to learn some Judo self defense techniques? It’s an excellent martial art for self defense, in fact many womens self defense classes teach judo self defense techniques. So what is it? Judo uses body throws or take downs to get an opponent to the ground, then use a joint lock or choke hold to subdue him/her. Watch this video to get a better idea of some of these techniques.

So are these martial arts techniques optimal for self defense? Eh…. In a real street fight, I’d say probably not, just because of the fact that you’re not likely to have only one attacker. Sad to say, but the kind of scum who you need to defend yourself from usually run in packs. Which means you won’t have enough time to choke out one before the others start hitting you in the head. BUT, being able to throw one to the ground would by you a few seconds to deal with another attacker. Or taking one to the ground and using a finishing move like a solid kick to the head instead of a joint lock or choke hold can make this self defense style well worth studying! But I would personally combine it with something that can be more immediately effective like I talk about HERE.

If you are serious about learning how to defend yourself then Judo self defense techniques can be a great place to start!

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