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Pepper Spray for Self Defense

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Pepper spray (or mace) is an excellent self defense technique used primarily by women. It is not very expensive but it is easy to use and handle. If you have ever been exposed to it then you know exactly how effective it can be. If not then ask a police officer how effective it is. They use it and have been exposed to it as part of their training. 

Here are a few things you should know if you are going to use pepper spray as a self defense.

1. Identify what type of pepper spray you need.
Pepper spray comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can get it any where from a large can that’s strong enough to stop a bear, to a small canister disguised as a lipstick tube. Obviously a larger can is problematic due to it’s size. But by the same token, think about how hard it can be to dig your lipstick out of you purse when your in a rush. The real trick is to find something that’s a comfortable fit for you. Something that isn’t to big to carry but will still be easy to grab in a matter of seconds if you need it. Also you need to make sure you have a easily accessible place to store it.

2. Practice makes perfect.
One thing I should point out. I’m not recommending you actually fire your spray when practicing.  Pepper spray is a severe irritant, getting just a little near your face can cause a severe reaction. I can tell you from personal experience that just being in an area where pepper spray as been used recently can have a nasty affect on you. So think about this, how often have you used bug spray without getting at least a little on your hands? And how often do you get your hands near your face with out thinking about it? Guess what, if you have just a little mace on your hands and touch your face you might be in a world of pain. That is why I don’t recommend you actually spray your pepper spray when you practice. 
Instead, practice drawing and aiming your spray. If you keep it in your purse, see how long it takes you to retrieve it and aim it at a would be attacker. If it takes more than 2 or 3 seconds you might want to find a better place to keep it. When you first get your spray I suggest you practice this a few times a day to get use to it. Once you get comfortable (and quick) you can reduce it down to once or twice a week. It is important to continue practicing every once in awhile so that your reaction time doesn’t slow down. After all in an emergency every second counts.

3. Learn from a professional.
You can enroll to a class that offers training lessons on how to use pepper sprays so that you equip yourself with adequate knowledge on how to use and handle it properly in times of danger. Your best bet is to contact your local law enforcement and ask if they offer or know of any courses in town. 

Hope this is a good start for you. Tomorrow I'll add some actual steps for you on using pepper spray.


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