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Here is a very basic silent drill to help you recognize the body language of a potential attacker. No words are spoken at all. It may be basic but it will get you used to going off of the other guys body language only, so you can either execute a first strike or at least be prepared for his.

Here is how it works.Your going to need a partner for this one. It helps greatly to have a third party to oversee the drill but it isn't essential.


From 3 – 4 feet away , The first person is the designated attacker and stands in the passive /aggressive stance. The other guy is trying to pick up on aggressive body language and to hit the first person BEFORE he is able to get a shot off.


It is the attackers job to try not to telegraph his intentions, and to strike the deffender. It is also his job , to throw off the defender  and get him to strike unjustified.

Each succesful strike or block is given a point. Each unjustified strike loses 2 points. The first to 5 points wins, and then the roles are reversed.


Example of an unjustified strike- If the designated attacker  puts his hand to his face to scratch his chin, that would be unjustified, by striking him. However, if he scratches his chin, then converts it to a back fist, the defenders job would be to strike when he sees the sign match up……..Simple and effective.

Once you have gotten comfortabe with having one person as a designated attacker and the other person defending/countering then it's time to mix it up. Stop designating an attacker and make it a bit of a free for all.

Do not do the second drill, until you have the first one down.

This drill is more useful than you may think. It forces you to pay close attention to body language , which is more important then verbal. It also works your speed and timing, and forces you to relax even after being struck once, or you will telegraph your intentions and get hit again.


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