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Self Defense Techniques For Kids- Escaping a Predator.

Posted on | May 23, 2013 | No Comments

Approximately 58000 children are kidnaped every year. Of course you don’t want yours to be one of those, so you want him or her to learn some simple self defense techniques for kids, right? It doesn’t have to be complicated, you want something for children, not full grown men. Well, obviously enrolling them in a karate class can help them learn some of the basic moves, but it’s important that they understand the difference between defending themselves from a bully and from an adult. Unfortunately, many kids might not realize that, just because they know some basic fighting skills, they are still no match against a pedophile or kidnaper. That doesn’t mean that I’m not all for kids being in self defense classes, but they need to have it explained to them these self defense tips when dealing with adult attackers. The trick for them is to get away, not win a fight.

The first self defense technique that kids should know when dealing with adults is a Jiu-Jitsu move for getting out of bear hugs. As you can see in the video, the kid uses his legs to grip one of the attackers legs and uses his arms to grab the other. This way not only can the attacker not sucesfuly pick up the child, but he can’t walk either.

Another great technique that you want to teach your kids for self defense is how to get away from a person grabbing them by the wrist. As you can see in the video they should drop to the ground and kick out the kidnapers knee. Or if the attacker is pulling him by the wrist to drop down and wrap his legs around the attackers leg to immobilize him.


The final self defense technique for kids that I have for you isn’t exactly fighting, at least not physically. Screaming for help is in and of itself a great self defense technique for kids. Draw plenty of attention to the situation while trying to get away is likely to bring someone to help your kid out!

It is important for you to explain to them that they aren’t likely to win in a violent encounter with an adult so they should use these simple self defense techniques for kids to try to get away. There is a very good chance that it could be the difference between you child coming home or disappearing. 

Be Safe. Be Prepared.



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