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Self Defense Techniques For Women| Hair Grab

Posted on | May 25, 2013 | No Comments

Here are some great self defense techniques for women to use if you ever have someone grab you by the hair. I love these techniques because they not only allow you to neutralize the threat of being controlled by your hair being yanked, but they set you up nicely for counter attacks!

All these examples have one thing in common. If you remember nothing else then remember this: The first thing you have to do is reach up and grab the attackers hand and pin it in place. Clamp it down onto your head as hard as you can, so that he can’t jerk your hair and inflict pain. Got it? Good. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Self Defense Techniques For Women: Hair Grab From The Front

Okay, so someone walks right up in front of you and grabs a fist full of your hair. Maybe they are going to hit you,  or maybe they are going to drag you somewhere, or maybe they’re just going to shake you around a bit to make you more complacent. First, reach up and grab the attackers hand, pin it down tight against your head so that he/she can’t yank on the hair. Next bend forward at the waist. This will cause your attacker to bend forward some as well, it helps if you use your free hand to grab his/her forearm and pull it down. Next you’re going to take a few quick steps backward, your attacker (who is going to be off balanced already and not expecting you to back up) should be pulled down to his/her knees if not all the way to the ground. Congratulations, you just went from being in a precarious position to being the one in full control. Now, just follow through with a few knee strikes to the head or shoulders and the fight is likely to be over!

Self Defense Techniques For Women: Hair Grab From The Side

This one is just as simple as the first and works great against male attackers. Just as before you’re going to grab the attackers hand and pin it in place. This time however, instead of bending down low to the ground to throw him/her off balance and backing up, you’re going to instead bend slightly ( around a 45 degree angle) and move toward or with the attacker. Then swing your free arm up into his groin (again works best with men but can be effective against women as well). After the groin strike you can follow up with other moves such as knee strikes or the side arm chop or whatever self defense moves you feel comfortable with!

Self Defense Techniques For Women: Hair Grab From Behind

This one is going to be a bit more tricky. If you are being pulled backwards then you need to focus on your ballance first and pinning down his hand second. It’s a terrifying position to be in but fairly easy to counter. To prevent yourself from being pulled backwards you have to do some “fancy” foot work, just get one foot behind you and spin around. Easy right? Well, now you’re set up to use the technique for a hair grab from the side. Bend down, go for the groin strike and continue to beat the crap out of your opponent until you feel you can get away!

Hopefully this post will be helpful to all the women out there who are looking for advice on defending themselves. These are the best self defense techniques for women that I know of when it comes to having your hair grabbed.

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