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Stun Guns For Self Defense| How To Use Them And Where To Buy Them

Posted on | June 13, 2013 | No Comments

Stun Gun For Self Defense

Using a stun gun for self defense is fairly straight forward. You touch the metal prongs to your opponent, which sends hundreds of thousands of volts into his body. This can not only cause severe pain to your attacker, but will also cause him to lose control of his muscle movements. So, even if the pain inflicted doesn’t take the fight out of him, the inability to move will prevent him from continuing the attack. It’s a handy device for self defense.

The pros of using a stun gun for self defense.

This should be obvious. As I stated above, one good zap should be a fight ender in most situations. Sure, some people are not as effected as you would expect, but getting hit by that much electricity can really take the fighting spirit out of most people. Plus, because it leaves them immobilized for a few minutes, you have plenty of time to escape and get to a safe location to call the police.

The cons of using a stun gun for self defense.

Okay, a few things I don’t like about using a stun gun. First of all, in most places the only legal version you can own is what I call the “Up close and personal” version. What I mean is, the kind where you actually have to touch the unit to the person to zap them. Unlike what the police use which shoots out wires to hit them from a safe distance. I don’t like that because if you are close enough to use it, you are close enough to get hit or stabbed. This leads right up to the other thing I consider a con for using a stun gun, if you are touching (or being touched) by the attacker while using a Stun Gun there is a good chance that you are going to get zapped as well. 

If you want to practice using one, I would suggest getting a partner and a small box (or anything roughly the same size as your stun gun) and try “zapping” him with the substitute. That way you can get a feel for using one and trying to not touch your opponent at the same time.

Over all, a stun gun is a great tool for defending yourself, but it can also get you hurt if you don’t use it properly. If you want to buy a stun gun for self defense, I suggest  Amazon.


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