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Imagine this scenario, you are walking home from work late at night and you get the feeling some one is following you. You use the reflection in a store window to sneak a peak behind you and you do notice a man about 15 feet back. It could be coincidence, but you can’t shake the bad feeling you have. You speed up to a brisk pace for a few seconds but another quick glance at a reflection tells you that your stalker has also sped up. You now realize that in your hurry to out distance the man you have left behind any lingering crowds and are now on a empty street. Sure you have some pepper spray in your pocket, but you’ve never had to use it before.

Sound terrifying? It should. The sad thing is that this scenario happens all the time. So what do you do? Your instincts are likely to be screaming at you to run away, and if you are wearing running shoes and are in good shape this is probably the best option. But what if you’re not? What if you’re in horrible shape? Or wearing heels or flip flops? If the guy following you is looking to hurt or rob you then he’s not going to give you the chance to walk all the way to a safe location. Your final option would be to stand and fight. Obviously you will use the pepper spray your carrying, but how? If you just spray it in his general direction and run away will it work? Maybe, maybe not. In order for it to be most effective you need to hit him in the face, preferably the eyes. In order to increase your chances of doing this you need to have a game plan.

1. Shout at the guy to stop following you. You need to make it loud enough that he is sure to hear, as well as any one else in the area. This is for 3 reasons. First of all you are mistaken about him following you, you will make him realize it. Most likely he’ll act embarrassed and walk away muttering about the “crazy person” yelling at him. Second, you cover your legal tracks. If he acknowledges that he herd you (i.e. looking at you when you yelled) and continues to walk toward you, or even starts to rush you, he has legally made himself a threat. Now you have the right to defend yourself in the eyes of the law. Finally if you make and hold eye contact, he’s not likely to see the pepper spray bottle you have in your hand. (You should have retrieved this while still walking.) 

2. Make sure that the criminal does not realize that you have pepper spray. If he does he may be able to doge the spray or snatch the can from you. If the criminal is within a double arms reach of you (around 6 feet) keep the canister close to you as you spray. If there is a decent amount of distance between you feel free to extend your arm if it feels more comfortable. You just don’t want to give him the chance to slap or grab the can. Try to keep your eyes open so that you can see your target and not miss him. 

4. Always aim for your attackers face. Remember your goal is to hit his eyes because it causes a painful itching effect and temporary blindness. Holding eye contact with him can make this much easier because you are focused on your target. Plus if he hasn’t noticed the can of pepper spray yet, he’s not likely to break eye contact with you long enough to see it. 

5. If your unable to hit him in the face for some reason, or if you have multiple attackers, you might need to abandon this technique and go for a more wild spray. If it comes to this I suggest using a large figure 8 in front of you. This will put a nice large mist of spray in the air that your attacker(s) will have to go through to get to you. At the very least this can buy you a few second head start.

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