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When Is It Okay To Fight?

Posted on | April 30, 2013 | No Comments

What do you think about violence? Is it the first line of defense, or a last choice after diplomacy has failed? Obviously, if you are being physically battered, becoming violent is highly necessary to your well being, after all, it can be awfully hard to talk your way out of a fight that is all ready started. But what about a confrontation that hasn’t fully escalated yet? What if you are being mugged by a man with a knife when you have a gun hidden under your jacket? Do you draw your weapon and engage the thief? Or simply comply with his demands and toss over your wallet? 

Most people would think “Gun beats knife so of course I would defend myself!” But think about this, how long does it take you to draw and fire your pistol? Three, maybe four seconds? How long does it take your attacker to lunge with his already drawn knife?

The point here is simple, when you introduce violence to a situation things can change drastically. You may think you have the upper hand, but in reality your overlooking some crucial element. Sure you may have a black belt in some martial art, but how do you know the mugger isn’t a broke and desperate MMA fighter? I don’t care if your a complete beginner or a seasoned kung fu fighter, engaging an enemy when there are other choices can be both dangerous and stupid.

Of course, there are always times when fighting is the best choice. Maybe you are a woman and the mugger looks like he is interested in more than just the content of your purse, in this case trying to be peaceful and just hand it over could show weakness and encourage him to try something, whereas pulling a gun or pepper spray (or just a good ol’ kick to the junk) would show him that you don’t have a victim mentality and would make him think twice about trying anything. But again, each case is going to be different, you never know your attackers skill level, or any other situational details you might be overlooking (like his partner sneaking up behind you while you are focused on him). 

Ultimately, I refuse to encourage or discourage violence. Sometimes it may be the right choice, other times it might get you into more trouble than you originally had. It’s good to know as many self defense techniques as possible so that you have the ability to defend yourself, but you also need to have the wisdom to know when to use it. And that is something you have to find for yourself. 

Just something to think about.


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