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Other than the eye gouge, created  by Larry, Curly and Moe, the throat, the nose as well as the vicinity under the nose are just about the most vulnerable zones on the noggin which make them the perfect places for striking points in terms of self-defense.

We generally advise, particularly for females, that they carry a self defense device on them at all times due to the fact that females are 9 times more prone to be a target of physical violence than males. An attack can occur just about anywhere, at any time. However, a self defense product is not entirely fool-proof. As a back-up, we recommend a basic martial arts self-defense course that trains the essentials so you are able to handle yourself when in trouble.

Knowing where the striking points are on the head may enable you to get out of a dangerous life-threatening situation without delay by disabling an assailant. The following are amongst the most popular striking points for hand-to-hand combat.

An index finger in the eyes will cause blurred vision brought on by watery eyes. This may also cause short-term blindness enabling you time to escape from an assailant.

The nose has some weak bones which are easily shattered. A shattered nose stimulates overwhelming agony and watering of the eyes.

The vicinity under the nose and near to the surface is the nerve center. A strike there may cause exceptional pain and watery eyes.

A whack to the front part of the neck may cause overwhelming pain and quite possibly nausea or vomiting. It could possibly also break the windpipe.

Those are quite possibly the most vulnerable points on the head which you can use as striking points for self defense. A few others the top the skull, the temple, the chin, the right or left side of the neck as well as the back of the ears.

Yet another one that has absolutely nothing to do with the head is whenever an assailant has you in a chokehold from behind, just stomp with all your streangth on his instep, most likely he will let you go. This causes extraordinary agony and may very well break his foot.

We still suggest the use of the self defense item as your initial line of defense. Pepper sprays especially may neutralize an assailant for upwards of half an hour giving you enough time to get away to find help. Pepper sprays are authorized everywhere but some cities and states have regulations on them. A vendor of these products or the police department can advise you on what those limitations are.


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